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Major Works

The Harbour Trust undertakes capital works to protect, maintain and improve the amenity of our portfolio sites.

In carrying out major works, we are mindful of community expectations and commit to satisfying the vision, core values, objectives and policies outlined in our Comprehensive Plan and site-specific Management Plans (See: Planning Framework). Listed below are the major works currently being undertaken by the Harbour Trust – please continue to check this page for updates.

Site Renewal Project

Over the past decade, the Harbour Trust has consulted extensively with the community of North Sydney to breathe new life into the former torpedo factory, submarine base and gasworks. In May 2018, we unveiled a shaded BBQ area with seating, a playground, and a scenic over-water walkway linking the site to Kesterton Park. Currently, Buildings 2 (Submarine School) and 10 (Fleet Workshops) are being refurbished for adaptive reuse by tenants.