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Permits and Approvals

    Liquor Permits arrow

    The Harbour Trust is the authority responsible for issuing permits for the sale or supply of alcohol on our land, and we are committed to ensuring that Responsible Service of Alcohol principles are followed at all times.

    The documents below provide information about how to apply for a liquor permit, and the Harbour Trust’s processes for enforcing compliance with licence conditions and Responsible Service of Alcohol principles.

    Note: The Harbour Trust uses the term "liquor permit" to avoid confusion between area licences issued by the Harbour Trust, and liquor licences issued by other Australian jurisdictions.

    Commercial activitiesarrow

    Individuals or organisations seeking to use Harbour Trust land for an activity that is commercial in nature must apply for a Commercial Activity Permit and secure the approval of the Harbour Trust.

    A commercial activity includes (but is not limited to) an activity where the primary purpose is to make a profit; an activity where an individual (e.g. a sports coach, tour guide) is remunerated for providing a service; and free-of-charge activities, tours, courses or transport offered in conjunction with a commercial product or service.

    Examples of commercial activities can include events, orienteering, bike riding tours or lessons, creative and performing art classes, team building exercises and sports activity.

    The Harbour Trust offers permits for commercial activities involving up to 100 people on a one-off or ongoing basis, depending on the applicant’s requirements.

    Filming and Photographyarrow

    From former defence sites and coastal bushland through to historic industrial, maritime and convict precincts, our network of extraordinary places on Sydney Harbour represent an opportunity to undertake filming and photography against a unique backdrop.

    The Harbour Trust offers ultra-low, low-impact and student filming and photography permits to shoot on Harbour Trust land. Our land is also available for wedding photography, media shoots, and medium to high impact filming and photography, including feature films, TV series, commercial and fashion shoots.

    How to apply

    To apply for a filming and photography permit, complete the relevant application or enquiry form from the following selection:


    Filming and photography type


    (incl. GST)

    Ultra-low impact (10 hours, between 5am and 10pm) $385
    Low impact (10 hours, between 5am and 10pm $935
    High impact (10 hours) — price on assessment $4400
    High impact — additional hourly rate $440
    Install/dressing days $2200
    Wedding photography only $275


    Filming and photography type Rate (incl. GST)
    Ultra-low impact (10 hours, between 5am and 10pm) $385
    Low impact (10 hours, between 5am and 10pm $935



    Additional expenses Rate (incl. GST)
    Harbour Trust staff (out-of-hours)*

    $110 per hour
    Harbour Trust cleaning services (Minimum three hour call out) Monday to Friday: 51.81 per hour
    Saturday: $67.43 per hour
    Sunday: $95.15 per hour
    Harbour Trust Security services (Minimum four hour call out) Non-public holiday period: $45 per hour
    Public holiday period: $83.60 per hour


    *Outside of business hours (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday), attendance by Harbour Trust staff is required to mitigate a) damage to Harbour Trust property, b) threats to public safety, c) unreasonable disturbance to neighbouring properties and d) access to licenced areas arising from the hirer’s use.

    Venue Hirearrow

    For information about hiring one of the Harbour Trust’s venues, see for an event or wedding ceremony, see: Venues

  • For information about applying for a lease with the Harbour Trust, including our leasing policy, see: Lease

    Tenders and Expressions of Interest arrow
  • The Harbour Trust is an agency within the Commonwealth Department of Environment portfolio. A range of work on our lands is undertaken by individuals and organisations that have been successful in submitting Australian Government tenders.

    Details of any key projects likely to be tendered this year will be compiled in AusTender’s Annual Procurement Plan List. For more information about our current tenders and expressions of interest, visit the AusTender website.